Re: Google Desktop Search Released for Linux

Hi again,

On 6/28/07, Sean Carlos <sean carlos gmail com> wrote:
As a Thunderbird user, I'm looking to see if it works as promised.  I
don't see MS file support, not sure if this is an oversight.

Thunderbird support is done by installing a Thunderbird extension.
This implies that TB has to be running for Google Desktop to be able
to see the mails.  How exactly the data is passed to GDL I'm not sure
-- the source appears to be there but I need to review the license
before I go digging.

This is definitely the more straightforward approach to indexing TB
mail.  Beagle takes a different approach by looking at the mail data
directly on disk, but the current implementation doesn't work well
with large mail datasets.  (But fortunately Pierre is tackling this
for this SoC project!)

As for MS file support, my suspicion is that it doesn't have it.  None
of the obvious open source libraries for dealing with them are
mentioned in their open source library page[1].



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