KMail backend does not find my mail folders

Only a few minutes ago I updated beagle from SVN and the KMail backend does 
not seem to find my mail folders. From previous beagle (reported as 0.2.13 
but I took it from SVN not long after the CVS to SVN conversion was 
considered stable):

20070129 10:51:34.3708 25907 Beagle DEBUG: Guessing for location of KMail 
folders ... found at /home/double/Mail

From latest:

20070131 09:50:16.6733 05969 Beagle DEBUG: KMail folders not found. Will keep 

It never did find them and said the KMail crawl was done, and in 0.01s.

Pat Double, pat patdouble com
"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

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