Re: comparison of desktop indexers


On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 00:17 +0100, Michal Pryc wrote:
> The strigi and tracker were also not the newest ones. Beagle is the most
> *mature* project from compared ones and I would say that it is not a
> point to get all the *new* features to be shown. 

Indeed, less important than the new features is the work we've done to
make it more memory efficient.

> Right, that is why on the page 8: "The top command is not very good for
> those types of comparison, cause it takes data from the /proc.

Yeah, I guess my nitpick is: why include that information at all?  If it
isn't useful and is actually misleading, it doesn't do anyone a service
to include it.

> Exmap is a tool that allows accurately determine how much physical
> memory is used by individual process and shared libraries."

Exmap is a good tool, and the information it gives is more clear.  I'm
glad that rather than just take the Exmap "effective resident" number
you also used heap-shot to get a heap size measurement.

> > By and large the writers did their homework -- with Beagle, anyway.  The
> > only real inaccuracy I found with regards to Beagle was in saying that
> > the number of results in Beagle was capped at 100 without a way to
> > override this.  While it can't be overridden in beagle-search, it can
> > with beagle-query or the various programmatic APIs.  
> Beagle-query can not override 100 limit, not in the tested version (I
> have tried this)

beagle-query has had a --max-hits argument since May 2005.


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