Re: Logfile Getting Too Large

Hi Rick,

> I'm curious as to how large a file such as: 2006-12-29-14-38-55-Beagle,
> within my ~/.beagle/Log folder should get?
> The reason I ask is because, several times now (including the file I
> mentioned above), files such as that have gotten completely out of hand.
> The one I mentioned is currently at 858.1 MB (899,748,971 bytes). Most
> of these "Beagle" files are no larger than a few (or in some cases a few
> hundred) kilobytes. However, I have had a few of them grow to several
> hundred megabytes. One even reached 1.3 GB.
> I can't have these files eating up my drive space.
> Is this normal??
> (BTW... I'm running beagle 0.2.14-4.1 on openSUSE 10.2)

Anyone have any ideas? I woke up this morning to find another "Beagle"
logfile had reached 1.6 GB during the night.

If started in debug mode (using the --debug flag) Beagle outputs a lot
of debug messages. Being a long running process dealing with different
types of files, the debug message are quite verbose to help in
debugging if something goes wrong. Beagle periodically cleanes up old
log files on every startup. Also, as new features in beagle
stabilizes, some of the debug messages are removed. Just a note,
0.2.14 has quite a few new features. So, if beagle running
continuously for a few days/weeks the current logfile _can_ grow
extremely large _if_ running in debug mode. I would expect a beagle
log file to grow a few MB overnight is doing a lot of indexing.

That said, if you notice an unnaturally large (e.g. 1.6GB) log file in
a relatively short time, then it probably points to some bug. It would
be helpful to find out what exactly is happening. Do you have any
means of sharing it (its a bit large file so I am not extremely
hopeful) ?

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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