Re: Updating date and time of folders ?

On Mon, 18 Dec 2006 12:24pm  -0500, Joe Shaw wrote:

> touch(1) opens files write-only, updates their timestamp using
> utimes(3), and closes the file.  This causes Open, Attrib, and
> CloseWrite inotify events to be fired off.  Again, of these three,
> Beagle only listens for CloseWrite.

BTW, I've recently talked with Robert and John about the semantics of the 
CLOSE_WRITE event, and I proposed a patch that they agreed would be more 
useful for applications like Beagle: Just fire off an CLOSE_WRITE when the 
descriptor _was_ actually modified.  Am going to submit this to LKML ASAP.

Felipe Kellermann
felipek wait4 org

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