Re: beagle xesam

On 17/12/2007, Debajyoti Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> > >   So beagle-xesam-0.1 was also released yesterday. Congratulations and
> > > thanks. Would you mind giving a few details on what exactly it does now ?
> > > How can it be used ? Where does it sit between beagle and xesam (pun
> > > intended) ? Where does it go from here ?
> ...
> > Basically the adaptor as it stands allows Xesam clients to connect to
> > it, and pass it queries. The adaptor acts as a translator between the
> > Xesam API and Beagle's native API. It takes Xesam queries over DBus,
> > passes them on to beagled, and the hits back in Xesam-ese.
> > Beagle-Xesam largely conforms to the latest (RC1) Xesam spec.
> ...
> > To summarize, the basic adaptor is functional as it stands. The path
> > ahead should become clearer as clients that use the spec arise.
> Ok so its functional and conforms to the spec. Is there any possibility of
> bringing the adapter into beagled itself ?

Yes to the first, and to a pretty large extent for the second. It /is/
possible to bring it into beagled and run as a separate thread. My
opinion is that this should be deferred till we have a few more
clients to put the code through it's paces.

Arun Raghavan

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