Support for more ontology foo in beagle xesam adaptor


See attached trivial patch.

Small question, why are there two different page-count fields?
Couldn't they just be one like it is done in tracker. And what about
pdf's, does beagle support extracting the page-count from that?


Anders Rune Jensen
Index: src/Ontologies.cs
--- src/Ontologies.cs	(revision 4300)
+++ src/Ontologies.cs	(working copy)
@@ -51,6 +51,15 @@
 				case "dc:date":
 					return "date";
+				case "xesam:width":
+					return "fixme:width";
+				case "xesam:height":
+					return "fixme:height";
+				case "xesam:pageCount":
+					return "fixme:page-count";
 				case "mime":
 					goto case "xesam:mimeType";
 				case "xesam:mimeType":

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