Re: Beagle indexing files in an excluded folder

a bit more detail:

I had a folder called ~/dev which was initially indexed after installing beagle 0.3  I wanted to exclude the files in this directory and sub-directories so I moved it into ~/tmp which was already set to be excluded from indexing by default.  However, beagle followed the move from ~/dev/ to ~/tmp/dev and consequently showed the files in search results as being in ~/tmp/dev/.  I had hoped that moving ~/dev/ to ~/tmp would 'hide' them.

I've just moved by .beagle folder and re-indexed and ~/tmp is no longer being indexed as you would expect as it is excluded by default.

I'd say that the bug could be described as something like 'moving indexed files to a folder excluded from indexing still causes the files to be searched and displayed'.


On Dec 11, 2007 2:46 PM, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
How are you setting the exclude folder ? beagle-settings /
beagle-config / kde tool for beagle configuration ?

> I'll file a bug. The config file shows  <Value>$HOME/tmp</Value>
> > > I've set Beagle to exclude indexing /home/joss/tmp but it's still
> > > indexing those files and everything in them. Any suggestions on how to
> > > rectify this?
> >
> > I could confirm the bug.
> > Can you file a bug report so that it does not get lost ?
> > Could you check if ~/.beagle/config/Files*.xml contains
> > /home/joss/tmp/ (instead of /home/joss/tmp) ? If it contains the last
> > '/', remove it by hand and restart beagled - it might fix the problem.

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