Re: Advisory: beagle-0.3.0 goes into a loop while indexing certain HTML emails

I think Thunderbird is exempt from this as the filesystem plays
middleman to all content... can anyone confirm?

On Dec 6, 2007 7:24 AM, Debajyoti Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> Problem: For some HTML emails, the index-helper will cause 100% CPU for a long
> time and might end up using a lot of memory. This can happen for emails from
> any of the email backends or for email files in the file system. Saving these
> email on the disk and
> running "beagle-extract-content --mimetype=message/rfc822 /path/to/saved/email"
> will reproduce the problem.
> Fix: Use the patch r4262. It a temporary workaround. The final fix is being
> discussed in
> (see the attached patch in
> this bug for the likely final fix).
> Explanation: Earlier the email filter used to treat all non-text message parts
> as attachments, save them to temporary files on the disk and index them as
> attachments. The email filter was slightly modified in 0.3.0 to treat HTML
> message parts also as message body (with the side effect of not having to
> create a temporary file). A problem was detected in how the HTML filter that
> parses the HTML message part, uses the GMime.Stream for that message part.
> See gnome-bug #501803 for the detailed explanation). The workaround stores
> that message part in a memorystream and gives it to the HTML filter. The
> memorystream behaves similar to a filestream and so there should be no
> problem.
> I have tested the workaround against my 19K emails (but I had also tested the
> unpatched version against my emails and that too passed!) and have not seen
> any hangs, crashes, memory problems or open file problems.
> My sincere apologies for the trouble,
> - dBera
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