Re: Advisory: beagle-0.3.0 crashes at start


On 12/4/07, Stephan Hegel <stephan hegel gmx de> wrote:
> Hi Debajyoti,
> Debajyoti Bera wrote:
> > ... If there are no config files in ~/.beagle/config, deleting ~/.beagle
> > will not cause any additional loss of data.
> Is it safe to delete everything in ~/.beagle except the config subdir ?
> In other words: is the format of the config files the same ?

For the purposes of the textcache crash, you really only need to
delete the ~/.beagle/TextCache directory.  You just won't get snippets
for search results until documents are reindexed.

However, I think the index format changed for 0.3.0, so everything
will be reindexed anyway, right?


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