Re: Install fails

Hi again,

> > get_machinename() crasher ... where have I seen this before ?
> >
> > Maybe this ?
> >
> Looks like it, yeah.  Unfortunately it's a Mono bug, and it seems to
> be deep enough in Mono XmlSerializer magic that we can't work around
> it.

Oh wait, maybe not.  I missed a stack frame:

at Mono.Unix.UnixEnvironment.get_MachineName () [0x0000b] in
 at Beagle.Util.NetworkingConfig..ctor () <0x0001d>
 at (wrapper runtime-invoke)
(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) <0xffffffff>

Can we work around this somehow in the Beagle.Util.NetworkingConfig
class constructor?


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