GSoC Weekly Report

Hello All,
Sorry about the super-late weekly report ... it's been a crazy and
hectic weekend.

On the Xesam front, once the proposals up that are for review are
finalized I can go about implementing them.

As I'd mentioned last time, I was looking at improving the disk usage
of the TextCache. Currently the TextCache maintains an Sqlite DB with
the uri of the file and a pointer to the gzipped text from the file.
I've implemented an alternative TextCache which stores the uri and the
text itself. I was hoping to have numbers from a comparison of the
two, but unfortunately wasn't able to complete this. I have to write a
small tool to migrate the old TextCache to the new one so they're both
the same, and then try doing a large number of fetches to compare

That's all for now, folks.
Arun Raghavan

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