Re: Getting tons of error message - no symlink for .beagle/TextCache??


On 4/28/07, Johann Petrak <johann petrak chello at> wrote:
It seems this happens because I have a symlink from
.beagle/TextCache to /somewhere/else/TextCache because
when I remove that link, I do NOT get these messages.

I haven't tested this yet myself, but it does look like a bug.  Can
you file it in bugzilla please?  That way it won't get lost.

Why doesn't beagle allow a symlink here? I do not want the
large .beagle files in my home directory but I DO want the
config files in my home directory.

Makes sense, my guess is that the .Net APIs aren't resolving the
symlink for us.  We don't do anything special here.

PS: why doesn't beagled support an option "-version" or similar
to determine which version is installed? Or simply show the
version when -h is used?

It does in SVN and will be in the next release.


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