A question about filters

Is it possible to have multiple filters for a a group of files
where each provides their own part of (meta)information about
the files?
For example, a user might have a collection of documents
(e.g. PDF, plain text, OpenOffice) but there is also an
application that stores meta information like authors,
project, dates, internal numbers etc. that is associated
with these documents.
So ... would it be possible for the existing PDF, OpenOffice,
Text etc. filters to provide the conventional information
(e.g. the content) and for and *additional* filter to
access the database and provide that additional information?

How would a use then be able to query for files using those
additional properties?

I am considering using beeagle as the back-end for some
inhouse dekstop search solution that would utilize
additional information about files (not only documents)
so something like this would be essential ...

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