Re: Rough cut at a Gnus nnmail backend queryable/indexer

> > Since I use Gnus as my mail client, I've been hoping that Beagle index
> > my mail correctly (instead of treating them as plain text files).
> I'm not sure I totally understand.  Are things like attachments not
> being indexed correctly?  If Beagle isn't recognizing them as email
> messages, this would indicate a problem with the MIME detection.
> Try running beagle-extract-content on one of the files, and see if its
> MIME type is message/rfc822, and if metadata is extracted from the
> message (like to, from, subject, etc.)

I think I know what JM meant here. I have seen this happen myself. KMail 
sometimes adds a weird line in the beginning of the message/rfc822 files 
which stops xdgmime from recognizing them as valid message/rfc822 files and 
instead as text/plain.

The good thing is Beagle Filters are allowed to register themselves as 
handlers based on mime-type, extension and _path_. Its not suitable for 
distribution with beagle, but if someone want to make sure all files in 
~/Mail (or some other maildir client email location e.g. if mutt stored its 
emails as maildir) are always indexed as message/rfc822, it can be done very 
simply with a 10 line dummy wrapper filter. I can post an example if anyone 
needs one.

The problem about how to open the results remains, follow Joe's earlier email 
in this thread on that issue.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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