Strange beagle behavior (dangling index lock)


I'm using the latest svn version of Beagle. Yesterday, after unclean gnome shutdown (ctrl alt backspace) beagle started acting really strange. The deamon takes 100% cpu, while beagle-index-info shows not only nothing is being indexed at the moment, but furthermore that only some of the backends work (take a peek below). I tried upgrading to newer svn version, reinstalling but no luck. I cannot shut the deamon down with beagle-shutdown I have to kill it. Maybe I need to delete the indexes?

Here is the beagle-index-info output:

pielgrzym abulafia~# beagle-index-info     
Index information:
Name: EvolutionMail
Count: 5622
Crawling: False

Name: EvolutionDataServer
Count: 0
Crawling: False

Name: Thunderbird
Count: 0
Crawling: False

Name: KMail
Count: 8119
Crawling: False

Here is the link to the log:

The log shows "a dangling index lock" - does this mean the index is damaged and is being repaired by beagled? Or is it some kind of other error?

I've got one more question. Since I have about 5000 duplicate emails in KMail (and now I use Evolution), is it ok, that I put in session a parameter for beagle to disable Kmail backend (it solves my problem, but isn't it dangerous in some way?). My problem is that gnome doesn't recognize Kmail email files as emails and opens them with gvim. Since most of them are just a copy of evolution mail I don't need the KMail backend (and other kde related backends...).

Best regards, JN

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