SGF filter


I want Beagle to be able to filter my Go games; the file format
standard for these is called SGF.  So I've written a really rough
implementation of such a beast:

(It's my first Beagle filter, and even my first C# program, so excuse
the mess -- but also tell me how to improve it.)

If I compile it and copy it to /usr/lib/beagle/Filters/, I can
beagle-extract-content foo.sgf and see the output I want, but I
haven't gotten it to give results that show up in the Beagle Search

- Is there a list of properties that we can/should use (like
"fixme:width")?  (Can we just make them up?)
- Is there anything magic I need to do, once beagle-extract-content is
working, to get it to index my files and have them appear in the
Beagle Search window?
- Generic plea for help from anybody who knows C# and Beagle better
than me, which is everybody reading this.  :-)
- Once it's working well, is there a process to get it included in
Beagle (assuming this would fall under the scope of the Beagle
project)?  I guess I should open a bugzilla bug for it.


- Ken

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