Dashboard Work

Hey, got a little bored with the world this evening, and after being
stumped with that irritating Thunderbird memory usage, I set off in
search of something fun. 

So I started fiddling with dashboard. Not the backend bits, but the
frontends, or plugins. I haven't actually accomplished much that's
useful, but on the conceptual/hypothetical side, I think progress is
being made ;). Basically I started work on a Gaim plugin (written using
mono, which seems to be the issue as near as I can tell) and a Firefox
plugin (based off the beagle one, since Dashboard supports a

Anyways, there might be more up later (I'm thinking about hacking
together a gedit plugin) but its all in a bzr branch here.


I also wanted to ask Fredrik what his plans were at the moment, so that
in my random fiddlings I don't work too hard on something hes already
done, but just hasn't committed.

Kevin Kubasik

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