Re: build without Thunderbird support

Obviously, this was bound to happen... When Thunderbird support isn't built, neither are it's utility classes, which beagle-search requires to compile.

From a developers perspective, this could be fixed by a) not excluding the utility classes when building without Thunderbird support or b) using something similar to #ifdef and only build Thunderbird specific code (outside of the Thunderbird backend itself) when we are asked to (--enable-thunderbird). I would prefer b). Could anyone with more knowledge of the build system comment on this (mainly if it's possible)?



Paul Wellner Bou skrev:

I tried to compile beagle without thunderbird support (configure --disable-thunderbird) because I don't need the mail index very much (as there is no way to open thunderbird mails from another application) and the debian sid version of beagle i have crashes with the thunderbird backend.

Well, i configured and tried to make beagle:
./Tiles/MailMessage.cs(139,23): error CS0103: The name `Thunderbird' does not exist in the context of `Search.Tiles.MailMessage'

I commented the else if block out and it worked. But I don't think that this is the wished behaviour. :-)

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