Re: Substantial memory reduction


On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 17:09 -0400, Debajyoti Bera wrote:
> > Now, we have assembly attributes (essentially assembly metadata) which
> > specifies the classes that were previously picked out of thousands.
> > This metadata is usually set in an AssemblyInfo.cs file for the
> > assembly, and is required for these classes to be loaded.  Think of it
> > as registering a class.  This is necessary for filters, backends, and
> > message passing elements.  It's also used in the Thunderbird backend.
> Does that mean backends and filters now cannot be developed outside the tree 
> without modifying beagle sources (AssemblyInfo.cs) ?

No, they can still be developed outside the tree, but their assemblies
have to have assembly attributes for its contained types.  See the
beagled/EvolutionBackendsAssemblyInfo.cs file for an example.

> Thats wonderful. Thanks Joe. beagle now consumes lesser memory on startup than 
> many other desktop apps.

:)  Getting there!


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