Dashboard Design Questions and Other Stuff

Hey, I was just hacking around with dashboard again tonight and I was
looking into more frontends and I just started to realize how much
duplicate information were gonna have flying around so I wanted to bring
up a few points.

My first point is, that while the window stuff is really cool. (I love
that dashboard can be workspace aware etc) but we need to have a better
fallback, since at the moment, if a cluepacket goes in with a bad
window, the UI just crashes. Duh, most of dashboard is proof of concept
at the point and its really just being revived now, but still that makes
stirring up interest in 3rd parties very difficult, and makes it hard to
get that 'cool, and almost useful factor working for us.

My other question is how we want to handle frontends when the program
offers no realistic interface for doing this? Will we have another
daemon such as beagle to crawl/watch files? On the same note, writing a
gaim plugin has been rough, as getting that compliant xml out of C is a
little beyond me. But watching dbus for the gaim events and using that
is really easy, do we want to do that? If so, how exactly do I proceed
in making this fit into the current dashboard framework.

I realize this is pretty much directed at fredrik, but I figured since
the mailing list is still called dashboard-hackers I could get away with
it. ;)

Kevin Kubasik

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