Beagle hackfest at GNOME Summit


We had a hackfest at the GNOME Summit in Boston this past weekend.

Here's a quick rundown of the things people decided to work on:

        * Me - Working on updating the indexer to better handle support
        of user-provided metadata.  Originally my plan was to store
        metadata in an sqlite database and use Lucene for text search,
        but having worked on the implementation since the summit this
        doesn't look very feasible.  More investigation on the Lucene
        side needs to be done.
        * Fredrik Hedberg - Work on merging the two Google Summer of
        Code projects to add networking support to Beagle.  One half of
        the project was the main search support, which is done over
        HTTP, and the second half is Avahi support so that other Beagle
        servers around you are autodetected.
        * Aaron Bockover and Daniel Drake - Moving our audio filters
        over to using taglib-sharp instead of entagged-sharp, which is
        now deprecated and unmaintained.  I think the work here is now
        mostly done, but it's not in CVS yet.
        * Gabriel Burt - Looked into increased integration of Beagle and
        F-Spot.  Not sure what the result of this was.
        * Dan Winship - As a broader goal desktop goal, decided to look
        into moving Beagle to Cmake and learn its strengths and
        weaknesses.  It sounds like there are a lot of weaknesses, at
        least within using it in GNOME.
        * Robert Love - Hanger on; spell checker; incorrectly
        attributing typos to me.
Later, Bastien Nocera talked to me about creating a video filter based
on Totem.  He implemented it, and it's now waiting on my lazy ass to
commit it:


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