Re: SGF filter

Awesome, welcome to the club :)

Thanks.  :-)

That's probably just an issue of indexing. When you add a new file like
that, you would have to delete ~/.beagle/Indexes (and you probably wanna
delete ~/.beagle/TextCache also, just so it doesn't get enormous) and
restart the daemon. Then wait for it to crawl your SGF files.

A-ha.  Works great.

Look in the other filters to try and keep some consistency, but as a
general rule, its dublincore when possible, then pretty much whatever
you want.


That's pretty much the protocol, just open a bug and attach a patch so
it doesn't get lost. I don't know one thing about sgf files, so I can't
give you a ton of feedback on the code itself.

Done: <>

Another question.  SGF files now show up in the Desktop Search /
Beagle Search window (it seems to be a little unsure what its own name
is :-).  When I search for a word that occurs in a text/HTML/... file,
when I select file icon, a relevant line from the document appears
below "Full Path", with the word (usually) in bold.  For SGF files, it
shows up, but the space below "Full Path" is empty.  Is there
something special to do to get that for SGF files?

Thanks again!

- Ken

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