Re: State of the Pooch

On Friday 17 November 2006 17:22, Joe Shaw wrote:
> When a crash occurs, we should try each of the items in the
> crashing batch individually to narrow down the exact file that crashes,
> and then mark it (probably with an xattr) to not try to filter it ever
> again.
I'd propose storing the version of beagle, and only trying again if 
stored_beagle_version != current_beagle_version. Combining this with a kind 
of 'blacklist' somewhere, which stores the ids of all files causing the 
helper to crash, would solve the whole problem transparently for the user. 
Just check if the beagle version changed and try to re-index the files on the 
blacklist. Otherwise this would pose the problem: Hey my new beagle is 
supposed to fix the helper crash I reported, why am I still unable to find 
the offending file in the index?

Florian Hackenberger
student @
University of Technology
Graz, Austria
florian hackenberger at

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