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Hi folks,

I worked with Joe a bit on an alternative solution for this same issue a few weeks ago, but it seemed like the best solution needed to be a bit more comprehensive in the end.  So, here's a little patch that makes the GUI display as many results per category as the window allows (rather than just a couple).  

It seems to work pretty well for me, but there are still a few problems with the strategy it uses.  For instance it doesn't have a way to determine which categories should receive more rows; it tries to spread the additional rows evenly starting with the categories that have the fewest number of rows.  Another problem is that it can't start adding rows until it knows how many categories are present.  In any case, these problems are probably trivial.

On the technical side, I did have some trouble finding a reliable way to determine widget dimensions at run time (I'm fairly new to GTK) so I hope I haven't made any mistakes there (the final solution seems to work reliably for me).

-Ryan Probasco

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