Re: Beagle Wiki Update


On Sun, 2006-11-05 at 13:49 +0000, Carl van Tonder wrote:
> I think the main advantages of the "Utah Snowboarding" search was that
> it was a non-technical search that was easily comprehensible, and had
> a 'cool' picture as the first results; all things that, whilst it is a
> very nice and current picture, the new screen-shot does not have. I
> believe this point was made (i.e. requirements for a replacement
> picture) quite a while ago, but as yet no-one has a suitably framed
> shot- maybe we're all too geeky to make one...

Yeah.  I have no idea what "speakeasy" means in this case... is it a
place to drink illegally?  Is it a band?  Something school related?
It's not at all clear.  "Utah snowboarding" was completely unambiguous.

The new screenshot also has a totally unreadable focus color (white text
on a yellow background?  wtf?) and the thumbnail is unreadably small and
has an unaesthetic height/width ratio.

It's an improvement over the last one in that it's current, but I'd
still like to see a much nicer one up there.


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