Fwd: 30+ patches in BugZilla.

Hey, I dunno if everyone here watches the f-spot devel lists, but I
saw this, and found it to hit a little close to home. Beagle is in
much the same position with 31 unreviewed patches in Bugzilla, while
more of those patches have some sort of comment, several have
bitrotten past the point of easy revival, despite their usefulness. A
few (such as child indexables in the file system and an archive
filter) have been outstanding with some time now, and have no clear
definition of what still needs to be done. I know I have submitted
several patches over the past week or so and have not heard much about
them. Overall, the message bellow just seemed relevant.

-Kevin Kubasik

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From: Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com>
Date: May 17, 2006 3:35 AM
Subject: 30+ patches in BugZilla.
To: f-spot-list gnome org


I went through some of the F-Spot bugs with an attached patch, and I am
not to happy with the result to be honest. Some of the patches have been
there for almost 16 months, a few around 12 months, and quite a lot around
5 months. This is time with more or less no comments and feedback. No
indication if the patch should be accepted, or what the problem is with
the patch for it to be accepted.
I can imagine a lot of people out there happily creating a patch, and then
no response at all, or some good comments in BugZilla, but the patch do
not appear in F-Spot at all. A lot of these people will likely not send in
another patch unfortunately.

I see some comments that the patch is not solving it to 100% or is just a
workaround for a fault in another product. But the fact that there is a
bug in BugZilla indicates that there is a problem, and a possible patch
fixes it (hopefully). If it is not perfect, lets include it to HEAD, and
fix it over time (new bug reports). If it is not F-Spot's fault, lets
include it for now, perhaps with a CONFIGURE directive that will disable
this when the other product are fixed.

HEAD should not always be perfect. The relased stable versions should be
more reliable. Or?

Below are some of the bugs with associated patch. In no other order than I
found them.
Some of them seems to be very very simple, and should have no problem to
be accepted.
Some of them are much more complicated and more thorough check and test
would be appropriate.
All of them deserves more feedback though. And if the patch is
unaccaptable, please state that. If nothing else we also need to keep the
amount of bugs down (by fixing the fault hopefully :) )


Bug 139796 – selecting multiple tags should limit query (use AND not OR)
Patch added 2006-01-20 (Query branch)

Bug 153023 – [PATCH] Preview image showed when changed workspace
Patch added 2005-01-27

Bug 301151 – Please add keyboard shortcut for deleting images from disk
Patch added 2006-05-12

Bug 318931 – [PATCH]SlideView: Working keys & Jump to last image on exit
Patch added 2006-02-22

Bug 321928 – Pre-defined date ranges
Patch added 2005-12-24

Bug 332584 – Inconsistency in displayed tag icons
Patch added 2006-04-06

Bug 338842 – gets seriously confused in full-screen mode, leading to
deletion of the wrong photos/data-loss
Patch added 2006-05-15

Bug 302566 – [PATCH] posibility of batch resize/rename of pics
Patch added 2006-02-04

Bug 321770 – Auto Tag imported photos with special tag
Patch added 2006-01-27

Bug 328245 – Give versions better default names
Patch added 2006-02-16

Bug 329581 – Added 3.5 and 8.5 constraints to Crop
Patch added 2006-02-02

Bug 339081 – lossless JPEG-cropping
Patch added 2006-06-15

Bug 152506 – relocation error in libfspotjpegtran
Patch added 2005-01-30

Bug 165645 – Rotate image when exporting
Patch added 2006-04-18

Bug 169646 – need to handle duplicates
Patch added 2006-03-28

Bug 300984 – Import from Gallery Installs
Patch added 2006-03-28

Bug 314559 – Be able to scale pictures when sending an e-mail
Patch added 2005-08-26

Bug 322349 – Missing tooltips in various places
Patch added 2005-12-02

Bug 322366 – Import existing data from gthumb
Patch added 2006-02-24

Bug 323237 – several HIG fixes for f-spot dialogs
Patch added 2006-02-28

Bug 325165 – Slideshow config options
Patch added 2006-05-12

Bug 329685 – Add Meta Tags to HTML export for encoding, etc
Patch added 2006-03-27

Bug 329841 – Day directory without leading 0 (1-31 instead of 01-31)
Patch added 2006-03-06

Bug 331503 – Importing photos do not keep the unix time stamp
Patch added 2006-02-17

Bug 331953 – Global configuration file /etc/f-spot
Patch added 2006-03-02

Bug 335935 – Export to folder bugs when pictures bear same name
Patch added 2006-03-27

Bug 336178 – Export to folder should also export tags
Patch added 2006-03-27

Bug 337724 – WorkerThread + Database threading.
Patch added 2006-05-13

Bug 340239 – F-spot libraries do not link to all dependencies
Patch added 2006-05-01

Bug 340497 – Export to Gallery Add album crash
Patch added 2006-05-04

Bug 321025 – Smaller Tag Views/Icons
Patch added 2006-02-22

Bug 337347 – Favorites tag is still a tag, not a category
Patch added 2006-04-06

Bug 339554 – Tag Icon not changed when spin button changes in Tag Icon Editor
Patch added 2006-04-24

Bug 340507 – f-spot crashed when adding tag to offline image (thumbnail)
Patch added 2006-04-24

Bengt Thuree   bengt thuree com

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Kevin Kubasik

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