Re: beagle fails to start automatically

Hey, I filed this as bug # 341709 so it won't get lost, I'm not really
sure how we should approach this, so I'll leave it for someone else.
Please feel free to add onto the original report, its pretty slim...

Kevin Kubasik

On 5/13/06, Florin Andrei <florin andrei myip org> wrote:
- Fedora Core 5
- Gnome 2.14.1
- Beagle 0.2.6

I configured the search service (beagle) to start automatically:
System / Preferences / Search & Indexing
Select "Start search & indexing services automatically"

However, beagled does not start automatically. I have to add it to
Sessions / Startup Programs to make it start.

This is an old bug, any hope to get it fixed?


Florin Andrei

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