Re: Google Summer of Code Question

Personal opinion, you should really be fine, the purpose of the Google
SoC is to develop experience, and if you have several college level
programming classes under your belt, you should have enough of a
foundation to be in good shape.

This is assuming (of course) that you want to do the necessary work,
because you have less experience, you may have to spend some extra
time in the beginning acquainting yourself with the code. We have a
pretty active community here, who would be more than willing to help
you as much as they can.

I would encourage you to apply and just be forward with what you
already know how to do and what you will need to research in your

My $0.02,
Kevin Kubasik
On 5/8/06, tor studentergaarden dk <tor studentergaarden dk> wrote:
Dear beagle-hackers
Dear John Shaw

I've been considering applying as a student under the google summer of
code program since I read about it last week. However after studying the
tips about writing applications mentioned on the beagle summer of code
page, I became discouraged as I simply don't think I have enough skill /
experience to participate.

So, I'm asking you to quickly evaluate whether I should apply at all. I
know I'm running late, but I would really like to participate in order to
get some real life experience in coding in connection with a project I
find instersting.

The project im considering is the "Searching against Lucene Directly"
project. It involves c# which is where my interests currently lies

In short, I study software development at the IT University of Copenhagen.
My background is not in computer science, and I don't have much
programming experience apart from exercises, student projects etc.

I have taken courses focusing on object oriented programming in java, and
in this semester in C#. My other focusses have been algorithmics &
datastructures, databases and artificial intelligence.

Please give me a quick evaluation.

Regards Tor Bechmannn Sørensen

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