Google Summer of Code Question

Dear beagle-hackers
Dear John Shaw

I've been considering applying as a student under the google summer of
code program since I read about it last week. However after studying the
tips about writing applications mentioned on the beagle summer of code
page, I became discouraged as I simply don't think I have enough skill /
experience to participate.

So, I'm asking you to quickly evaluate whether I should apply at all. I
know I'm running late, but I would really like to participate in order to
get some real life experience in coding in connection with a project I
find instersting.

The project im considering is the "Searching against Lucene Directly"
project. It involves c# which is where my interests currently lies

In short, I study software development at the IT University of Copenhagen.
My background is not in computer science, and I don't have much
programming experience apart from exercises, student projects etc.

I have taken courses focusing on object oriented programming in java, and
in this semester in C#. My other focusses have been algorithmics &
datastructures, databases and artificial intelligence.

Please give me a quick evaluation.

Regards Tor Bechmannn Sørensen

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