Fedora Core 5 Beagle Problem

beagle-0.2.3-4 running on Fedora Core 5. beagled starts up and runs for
a minute or so, belches (with --debug):

20050722T130000 is a recurrence instance
20050722T130000 is a recurrence instance
20050713T122210Z-5438-500-1-0 wasp-73-246 potsdam edu has recurrences

** (/usr/lib/beagle/IndexHelper.exe:1051): WARNING **:
process_set_current: error looking up process handle 0xffffffff
Unhandled Exception: System.SystemException: Can't find current process
in [0x0002b]
(at /usr/src/build/720715-i386/BUILD/mono- System.Diagnostics.Process:GetCurrentProcess ()
in [0x000bd]
(at /usr/src/build/724867-i386/BUILD/beagle-0.2.3/Util/Log.cs:216)
Beagle.Util.Log:WriteLine (LogLevel level, System.String format,
System.Object[] args, System.Exception ex)
in [0x00004]
(at /usr/src/build/724867-i386/BUILD/beagle-0.2.3/Util/Log.cs:315)
Beagle.Util.Log:Error (System.String message, System.Object[] args)
in [0x00002]
(at /usr/src/build/724867-i386/BUILD/beagle-0.2.3/Util/Logger.cs:95)
Beagle.Util.Logger:Error (System.String message, System.Object[] args)
in [0x0001c]
(at /usr/src/build/724867-i386/BUILD/beagle-0.2.3/beagled/IndexHelper/IndexHelper.cs:52) Beagle.IndexHelper.IndexHelperTool:Main (System.String[] args)

The bottom block (debug output) is repeated periodically (60 seconds) ad

Under FC4, I had mono and beagle working, indexing the same
homedirectory with no problems. I wiped out ~/.beagle  after the problem
first cropped up, thinking it may have been an <insert plausible
explanation here> related to old/corrupted data. It didn't help,
unfortunately. The beagle logs are all 0 byte, as well. Thoughts? Ideas
for further testing? Would an strace help?

Thank you for your time,
Matthew Keller

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