beagle not indexing word files

I have compiled beagle-0.2.3 from source on SuSE10.0 x86-64. I have also compiled wv-1.2 from source.
./configure  log :

       Beagle Version:           0.2.3
       Target OS:                linux
       inotify?                  yes

       Prefix:                   /usr/local
       GNOME Prefix:             /opt/gnome
       KDE Prefix:               /opt/kde3

       Evolution support?        yes
       gsf-sharp?                no
       wv1?                      yes
       galago-sharp?             yes
       libchm?                   no (Currently broken)

       Mozilla Extension?        yes
       Epiphany Extension?       no (Epiphany not installed)

       Local SqliteClient?       yes
       Sqlite version:           2.x

       Enable WebServices        no (WebServices are deprecated)
       Enable libbeagle          yes
       Enable python bindings    no

However, none of the .doc MS Word files do not get indexed. When I 'touch' a word file, I see the following message in the current-IndexHelper log 060326 2135548346 26359 IndexH DEBUG: +file:///home/afaiq/Documents/test.doc 060326 2135548350 26359 IndexH DEBUG: No filter for /home/afaiq/Documents/test.doc (application/msword)

Any ideas why?

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