Re: Error compiling Dashboard - GnomeFu does not exist in Beagle.Util

Ok, try and apply the attached patch to your backends/ The
issue is that the compiler is not referencing Util.dll. Assuming you
have a recent beagle install, this is wrong. The patch will work if
you are running a debian based system (ie Ubuntu).

If you aren't, try running
locate Util.dll
slocate Util.dll

and changing the .diff appropriatly. Also note, once you apply the
patch, you must re-run ./ and all that. If you don't know
how to apply a patch, do this
cd dashboard
cd backends
patch -p0 < ./beaglebuild.diff

Kevin Kubasik

On 3/26/06, Vamsee Krishna Gomatam <vamsee krishna gmail com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've checked out dashboard from the CVS and when I'm trying to build it,
> make fails with this error:
> ./BeagleBackend.cs(66,19): error CS0234: The type or namespace name
> `GnomeFu' does not exist in the namespace `Beagle.Util'. Are you missing an
> assembly reference?
> ./BeagleBackend.cs(94,4): warning CS0162: Unreachable code detected
> Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 3 warnings
> make[1]: *** [BeagleBackend.dll] Error 1
> I've got all the depedencies installed (well, ./configure didn't complain).
> The worst part is, I don't know C# or the internals of beagle/dashboard. So
> any help in fixing this is highly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Vamsee
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Kevin Kubasik
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/dashboard/backends/,v
retrieving revision 1.82
diff -u -r1.82
--- 16 Mar 2006 22:48:53 -0000      1.82
+++ 26 Mar 2006 11:48:38 -0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 CSC=mcs -g
-DLLDEPS=$(BASE_DEPENDENCIES_LIBS) $(GCONF_SHARP_LIBS) -r:System.Web -r:$(dashboard_exe) -r:../util/drive/drive.dll -r:../engine/rdf.dll
+DLLDEPS=$(BASE_DEPENDENCIES_LIBS) $(GCONF_SHARP_LIBS) -r:/usr/lib/beagle/UiUtil.dll -r:/usr/lib/beagle/Util.dll -r:System.Web -r:$(dashboard_exe) -r:../util/drive/drive.dll -r:../engine/rdf.dll
 LIBFLAGS=-target:library -L ../util/webservices $(DLLDEPS)

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