Re: Possible Thunderbird Backend

> I know this has been brought up several times in the past, and has
> generally been rejected, but I have managed to dig up an interesting
> (and relevant) tidbit.
> Thunderbird does support a URL scheme to open mails from the command
> line. Most of this was me poking around random code/irc but lo and
> behold the Thunderbird URL scheme.
> mozilla-thunderbird
> mailbox:///home/kevin/.mozilla-thunderbird/3982yzw2.default/Mail/Local\
> Folders/Sent?number=4614
> (My sample, IMAP is 10 times harder, but it seems doable)
> It basically references the file directly, and then includes the
> message number/id (I don't have any specific terminology on this)
> My issue to date has been determining the message ID based upon the
> mbox file. I plan on continuing my search, but I wanted to share what
> I had for anyone who wanted to help etc.

Wonderful discovery ! The count or the id (generally the id for mbox message 
is the first line of the message saying "From ...", _not_ the header "From:") 
can be used to create the uris. Modulo some details, its pretty much 
copy/pasting from the evo-mail backend to get a thunderbird backend. (Details 
like deletion of messages etc. can be handled later).

Dont use thunderbird myself ... anybody good at pattern 
matching/copy-pasting :) ?

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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