Beagle - Evolution entries not updating when email moved

I'm running Evo 2.4 and Beagle 0.2.2 on a Debian Etch/Sid system. One
problem I'm having is that some recent emails (i.e. received in the past
24 hours) are appearing on Beagle searches, but then when I click the
email it comes up in Evolution as blank. 

I assume this is because the email has been moved to the Trash folder
but Beagle still has it logged as being in the Inbox.

How long does/should it take for Beagle to realise the email's moved? Is
there any way of giving Beagle a bit of a shove to get it to re-index
the Evolution folders more quickly? I've tried stopping and restarting
beagled but that doesn't seem to have helped.



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