Re: beagle on laptop

Hi Ray,

I did it on my laptop with a simple bash script I added in the gnome session start.
I just check if the laptop is running on battery or not in with acpi (/proc/acpi/battery/C11F/state for me), and the daemon gets started only if it's running on AC.
I also have an acpi handler which stops and starts the daemon if I plugged or unplugged the AC cable. It's also a bash script which gets started when  acpi events are generated.
It's very simple but runs well.


On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 21:33 +0800, Ray Tsang wrote:

I was wondering if there are plans to allow configuring what beagled
should do when running on a laptop on battery power?


Jøris Vuffray <joris nova ath cx>

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