Beagle and html indexing

Hi all,

I've installed beagle- successfully and noticed that it does not index
any html files. Digging a bit deeper I found:

[mahes]/home/steve/incoming/beagle- ./beagle-extract-content --debug /home/steve/www/html/index.html
*** Running uninstalled ExtractContent.exe ***
Filename: file:///home/steve/www/html/index.html
Debug: Loaded 34 filters from /home/steve/incoming/beagle-
Debug: No filter for /home/steve/www/html/private/index.html (application/octet-stream)
No filter for application/octet-stream

AFAIK, beagle is using gmime to find out the file type. But I'm not clear where to
configure gmime, if possible at all.

Did I miss something ? Any idea ?

Thanks and kind regards,

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