Re: Beagle suspend while running on battery

Lucky You! Joe just implemented this feature several days ago, and it
is now in CVS! Well, mostly. Live queries are still enabled, but you
do have the option to disable indexing.

-Kevin Kubasik

On 7/19/06, Florian Hackenberger <f hackenberger chello at> wrote:

As you probably know, a running beagled sometimes uses quite a lot of
resources (most notably CPU power, but also hard drive reads/writes). I would
really appreciate an interface (could be a command line tool) to temporarily
put the beagled in a "power saving" mode, where searches are still
functional, but it does not do anything which could also wait a few hours.
Especially an idle CPU and an active hard drive uses a lot of power, which
the user probably wants to save in exchange for disabled "live" queries and
an outdated database. A little icon in beagle-search would be useful to
notify the user that e.g. live query updates (when altering a file) are

What do you think? Is this a useful feature? Shall I file  a bug/wish?

Florian Hackenberger
student @
University of Technology
Graz, Austria
florian hackenberger at
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Kevin Kubasik

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