Re: Beagle Help!


On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 10:49 -0400, Dr. Diesel wrote:
> I'm new to this, first post.


> But when I search none of the files in that directory, which I used
> Beagle-build-index (which took about 40 hours for 90,000 files!!) to
> make, show up! 

If you run "beagle-index-info", does your static index show up in the

> All of my beagle log file are emply except for the following from
> current-IndexHelper:
> 060703 1011377378 02608 IndexH ERROR: Could not filter: No name in
> desktop entry

This may be thanks to a braindead patch in the Fedora packages that
shipped with FC5.  I believe there is an errata available now.  See 
for more info.  I am not sure if it has made it into Rawhide.  In any
case, running beagled by hand with the --debug option is probably the
smartest thing.

> And if I run beagle-search from the console i get: 
> Spinner image is wrong size

This seems like a weird beagle-search issue, not related to your static
index problem.  Have you tried with the beagle-query command-line


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