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<feff><?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<DaemonConfig xmlns:xsd="";
  <DeniedBackends />

The /main/backup/beagle-static directory have the following files:


But when I search none of the files in that directory, which I used
Beagle-build-index (which took about 40 hours for 90,000 files!!) to make,
show up!

What is the content of /main/backup/beagle-static ? I am confused
because you say, it containts Locks,PrimaryIndex etc. and then you
said you searched for files in that directory which has 90,000 files.
What exact beagle-build-index command did you use to build the static
index ?

All of my beagle log file are emply except for the following from
Stop beagled. Remove .beagle/Log. Restart beagled. Are the logs still
all empty ?

Someone mentioned in the list about a fedora specific patch which
disabled logging of beagled. Maybe that is coming into effect and not
writing anything into log files. Can you investigate if that is true
and affecting you ? It is certainly going to be a lot difficult to
debug/fix if that is the case.

060703 1011377378 02608 IndexH ERROR: Could not filter: No name in desktop

From the filter for .desktop files, if it doesnt find any Name=Foo in
a .desktop file it considers it as an invalid file. I am not sure if
this is an error or the correct thing. But surely you didnt have all
90,000 .desktop files ? Its really hard to tell what is goinfg on
without the debug messages, so see if you somehow turn on the logging.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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