Re: Beagle and its startup


On Fri, 2006-06-30 at 21:15 +0200, Andreas Heinz wrote:
> ok so i know that about the gaim backend, thanks for that info :)
> Unfortunatly i didn't find any info how to check if a file is indexed by 
> beagle. is there a way apart of using the normal search?

Not really; the only real interface into the index is to search.  Would
you just want to be able to say "beagle-indexed foo.rpm" and have it try
to find that file in the index?  That should be as simple as turning
"foo.rpm" into "file:///home/joe/mydirectory/foo.rpm" and doing a search
on it.

> Additionally i think i have the same problem as described in 
> I told beagle to index my /mp3s. There are about 20.000 Files in this 
> directory but beagle.
> I ran beagle a few times every time from the beginnig to test if it's 
> indexing more files if i start it over and over again. i think, but 
> can't prove that beagle get's more and more files.
> Is this a known behavior or is a directory of > 20.000 files simply too 
> much?

I haven't had the opportunity to verify the bug, but Beagle *should*
scale to directories that size.  If it doesn't, it is most definitely a


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