Re: Beagle and Red Hat 8.0


On Fri, 2006-01-27 at 23:56 +1100, md holisticgp com au wrote:
> I understand that RH 8.0 lacks an inotify-compatible kernel. Is such a
> kernel available anywhere, which could be installed without upsetting the
> status quo?

Yikes.  RH 8 is *ancient*.  You will have to update a lot of software to
get Beagle to run beyond just inotify.

Beagle will run without inotify, although it will be unable to pick up
file changes.  It will continuously recrawl your system.  I don't think
there are any precompiled kernels with inotify support for it.  You
could check the wiki, but I suspect it would only go back as far as RH

> This would be an easier option than upgrading to fedora.

I honestly doubt this, at least in the context of running Beagle.

> I don't have any compiling skills etc, having basic linux skills only

Then updating to Fedora is really the only course of action.  Sorry.


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