Re: Block indexing of entire mail domains in Firefox extension?


On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 13:41 -0800, Jeffrey Dick wrote:
> * In Preferences of Beagle 0.1.2 extension for Firefox 1.5 ("Deer
> Park", Gecko/20060117), I add domains "",
> "" and "" to the do not index list.
> * At the login screens (i.e., after typing the above addresses into
> the location bar) of each site, the Beagle is leashed. But after
> logging in, whether indexing happens depends on the current location:
>                      leashed
>               sniffing
>    sniffing

Right now the extension is only checking exact hostnames.  Also blocking
subdomains would probably also be a good idea.  Can you file a bug about
this?  Better yet, send a patch. :)


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