Block indexing of entire mail domains in Firefox extension?


The users of our kitchen computer (roommates, visitors) like the
utility of the Beagle web-page indexer for browsing most web pages but
in general would prefer privacy when they browse to a web mail
interface. I've tried to block the common mail domains in the Beagle
Preferences, but have been unsuccessful in preventing yahoo mail and
hotmail from being fully masked. Note that the default Beagle setting
of not indexing secure pages entirely blocks indexing of my school's
web mail site, which is the desired effect. However, I have seen no
way of enabling encryption on any but the login pages of hotmail,
yahoo mail, or gmail. So, I have tried to configure Beagle to exclude
these mail domains from being indexed:

* In Preferences of Beagle 0.1.2 extension for Firefox 1.5 ("Deer
Park", Gecko/20060117), I add domains "",
"" and "" to the do not index list.

* At the login screens (i.e., after typing the above addresses into
the location bar) of each site, the Beagle is leashed. But after
logging in, whether indexing happens depends on the current location:                      leashed               sniffing    sniffing

That visual indicator in the browser window is correct: I can use the
Beagle to find words appearing the message lists (and messages) of
yahoo and hotmail, but not of gmail. How can I block the entire yahoo
mail domain without having to tell Beagle not to index
"" and other specific -- and unpredictable --

I tried putting "*" into the domain do not index list.
No luck. Or just "" ... nothing seemed to change.

Thanks for any hints.

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