Re: compiling beagle0.1.4

> I wanted to compile beagle from source because I don't know how to 
> access beagle via web-browser if I install it via rpm's.

I think you're referring to the web services, which have now been
deprecated.  Is there a [security?] reason for this anyone?  Are they
expected to make a return, and is this why configure still lists them in
the options at the end of its execution?

> It would be best if somebody can tell me if it is possible to start the 
> "default yast installed" beagle somehow that I can access it via browser 
> over the LAN.

No, not possible because of my previous comment.  You can always get the
latest Beagle with a fully loaded set of options, and the latest GMime
that David mentions for SUSE at
James Ogley james usr-local-bin org
Packages for SUSE:
Make Poverty History:

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