Re: Beagle and NFS

>         3) Adding an infrastructure for networked searching

(Thinking out loud) What happens if the unix socket in beagle is
replaced by tcp socket ? I dont remember the code, but it doesnt look
like beagle is using some special feature of unix socket which is not
present in tcp sockets.
That would only solve a part of the problem. There still needs to be
work done on authentication/access control/remapping of uri (e.g.
remote:// or fish:// or ssh:// ...)/mechanism to *open* results (e.g.
using sshfs or smbfs etc.). and many more.

Just a side note, networked beagle implementation was done separately
(by Fredrik, IIRC) and later absorbed by beagle webservices. beagle
webservices implementation is complicated due to the lack of any
httplistener in mono (at that time). Recent mono versions have an
embedded httplistener, so the code can be simplfied and made to work.

- dBera

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