Re: High beagled CPU usage while using Xgl

My thought is the Xscreensaver glue to detect idle time, maybe they're
broken against Xgl?

-Kevin Kubasik

On 2/16/06, Jose daLuz <jdaluz gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been playing with Xgl lately, switching back and forth between
> xorg/metacity and Xgl/Compiz. When logging in earlier tonight after
> switching to Xgl, the system slowed down to a crawl a minute or so after
> login. Top showed the mono-beagled process using 96% CPU. I logged
> out/logged in a couple of times and the same thing happened each time. After
> switching back to xorg/metacity, it continued to happen. I deleted my
> .beagle folder and so far it hasn't happened again.
> It doesn't really make sense to me that Xgl had anything to do with this,
> it's just that nothing else in my system has changed in the last day or so.
> Has anyone else experimenting with it run into that kind of CPU usage?
> --
> Jose M. daLuz
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Kevin Kubasik

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