Re: wiki mainpage corrupted (probably vandalism)

Hi all,

I've removed the few  (more than 4500) ads on  the main wiki page. Now
we're back to the last stable edit...

 - Dav
Ps: Joe: you can add "Leo" to the bad guy list ;)


>From dBera:
>Trying to load beagle-wiki main page is causing some database error. I
>checked the history and found quite a few (!) advertisements of
> added in the last 2 edits. Doesnt look like
>beagle stuff.
>I couldnt revert to an earlier version, probably need admin.
>Time to act, Joe :)

>May the beagle be with you,
>- dBera

>PS: Sharing a funny incident- a captcha was added to the wiki system
>to prevent automated aiki corruption. Not sure how much it stopped
>bots, but it did fail me twice - the images were too complicated even
>for me to decipher ;) (I wish I saved the pics for display purposes

>Debajyoti Bera @
>beagle / KDE fan
>Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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