Beagle sidebar

Hey guys

I was just wondering, is there a Google-like sidebar project for Beagle?
We could put some cool stuff in there to match what GDS is matching.
I'll make a list (these are based on what GDS sidebar currently
provides, you may need to look in to it to get what I mean):

E-mails obviously from Evo/Tbird/etc backends
Scratchpad obviously a great feature. Tomboy integration?
Photos perhaps with F-spot integration?
Web Clips is just RSS - scrolling index of all RSS backends?
Google Talk (sidebar applet integrates GTalk) could integrate with GAIM

Could be a killer-app for Beagle and really pull all the big GNOME
players (gaim, evo, F-spot) together

Also I'm looking for something to work on to expand my C#/Gtk# skills.
I'd like to work on this, either with somebody on a new project or
trying to pick up an old one.

Any info guys?



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