Re: Thunderbird again

So, 0.2.14 ist out and compiled fine. But unfortunatly i get the same results. beagle uses 100% cpu and tries to index my mails on and on.

any ideas?


Andreas Heinz wrote:

thats what i thought of also. so 0.2.14 is hopefully coming soon :)

if someone is interested i'm just looking into making first steps regarding thunderbird exlude pattern.


D Bera wrote:
Hi Andreas,

since beagle started to go wild again, after starting it today i had a
look @ .beagle/Logs/currentBeagle: (server and folders anonymised)

061130 1810049599 05262 Beagle DEBUG: Empty file
domain/somefolder; skipping
061130 1810223599 05262 Beagle DEBUG: Empty file
domain/somefolder; skipping
this repeates since now. since there are no exepctions or other errors
in any of the other logs, i dont have a clue, what the problem could be?
I believe this is due to an unfortunate DateTime bug in the 0.2.13
release. The DateTime bug has been fixed in CVS.

- dBera

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